A summation of the state of affairs regarding chicken wings in NYC.

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Choosing the 'best wing' is well nigh impossible. It's like playing a perfect game of chess or drawing a perfect circle. There's always a computer out there that can do it better. So we're left with everyday human trust. Who do you trust? Has advertising destroyed the ability to trust completely? Can you trust the K&J recommendations? Of course it's up to you to decide The Truth. I'd say yes, but I'm J. Good luck to you.

What I can say without fear of falsity or hypocrisy is that Chicken Wings are here to stay. Learn and love them on your own terms. Do not deny them- let your choice of barfoods shine forth with enough love to push the almighty Wing to the pantheon of culinary greatness. Together, and only as one people can we achieve this goal.

That said, the current best wing can be found at the Brooklyn Ale House*. Yummy.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy, and save us a wing.